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Board of Directors

The board of directors is responsible for setting the direction of the Group through the establishment of strategic objectives and key policies. The board meets quarterly, settles the strategic mission and is responsible for the overall direction and control of the Group. The board consisted of Five non-executive directors and two executive directors. The chairman is a non-executive director and has a casting vote. The corporate board is responsible to shareholders, but it proceeds mindful of the interests of the Group’s staff, customers, partners, suppliers and the communities in which the Group pursues its interests.

Board Committees

Business Committee

The Committee is responsible for setting strategic direction, review business performance of the Company and ensure risk management. It recommends business development and investment policies and decisions of the company to the Directors and ensure that existing policies are implemented.

Finance & Audit Committee

The Committee’s major responsibilities are to review the principles, policies and practices adopted in the preparation of the accounts of the Company and to ensure that the annual financial statements and any other formal announcements relating to the financial performance comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements as may be required. ... It also ensures that the consolidated interim financial statements comply with all statutory requirements, review the work of TLC’s external and internal auditors to ensure the adequacy and effectiveness of financial, operating, compliance and risk management controls. It ensures that management has put in place appropriate policies and processes in respect of investment and finance activities proposed or undertaken by TLC.

Internal Control and Risk Management

The board of directors is responsible for the Group’s systems of internal controls. To fulfil its responsibilities, the company has Risk & Compliance Unit and Internal Audit function as separate functions with reporting obligations to the Board; that undertakes continuous review of systems, records, practices and procedures to ensure compliance with internal controls and regulatory requirements.

Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

The board of directors is responsible for the Group’s performance in business and development projects. To fulfil its responsibilities, the company has a dedicated Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Unit with reporting obligations to the Board; that systematically design performance metrics and undertakes various assessments and studies to ensure progress towards the established goals and objectives.

Information Technology

The Group has dedicated IT department with oversight of governance of the company's technological systems, digital channels, Digital marketing, maintenance of the infrastructure, and functionality of the systems overall.

Legal Services

The Group has a Legal Counsel responsible for all legal and legal related external matters such as litigation, investigations, compliance, mergers and acquisitions.

Media Relations

The Group has a dedicated Media Relations team responsible for promoting and protecting the company's reputation by developing and executing media and public relations strategies and plans for brand building/innovation, corporate promotions, internal communications and corporate communications/affairs initiatives.

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