Tradeline Corporation Group limited (TLC) is a diversified business portfolio Conglomerate with interest in Business Consulting Services, Trade & Markets Services and Financial Services. The rationale for its establishement is to empower SMEs in agriculture which accounts for almost 70% of the total national agriculture output in Malawi to equitably enter the competitive commercial sector and facilitate their broad penetration into high value domestic and export markets.
TLC prides itself in the innovation and quality of its services, which has created a formidable reputation for itself in all it business arms.

Our vision

A vibrant rural sector of agro-based small and Medium Enterprises

Our Mission

To empower SMEs with Business Development Services, Financial Services and Markets for their competitiveness in the commercial sector

Our Values

Commercial sense: We earn the right to exist and grow by generating revenue on our services.

Integrity: We earn rust from our customers and business partners through our competence, transparency and honesty in our business dealings.

Excellent Customer Services: We believe that customer service is a life blood of our business; our team of professionals are dedicated to amaze our customers and not just satisfy them.

Team Work: We believe in working collaboratively with teams in order to achieve common goals more efficiently.

Innovation: We believe that innovation is the product of thinking, when all employees, competitors, partners and other stakeholders think alike then no one is thinking.

Strategic Direction

TLC’s investment concentrate in sectors where potential market growth is ascertained from the global economic and social trends. The group shall strive to strengthen its position in the chosen markets in order to enhance its portfolio of investments and grow shareholder value